Finished STSMs, VM and VNS grants

1st Grant Period 

Giulia Albani Rocchetti: Testing seed germination from old herbarium specimens for conservation purposes

Manica Balant: Assessing the degree of reciprocity in Primula carniolica Jacq.    

Emma Krchova: Climate change effects on population dynamics and genetic diversity of Silene acaulis in High Tatras

Sissi Lozada Gobilard: Identifying hybridization in Minuartia smejkalii endemic from Czech Republic.

Pablo Tejera Ibarra: GEN-FF. Gens For the Future. Consolidating Salzburg Node.

Jinlei Zhu: Estimating the rate of population spread in the endangered species Minuartia smejkalii


2nd Grant Period

Meleksen Akin: Genetic and genomic approaches in plant conservation

Giovanna Aronne (VM): Looking for bottleneck in the life cycle of species living on cliffs and rocky slopes

Daniele Calabrese (VM): Construction of a Plant-Pollinator Network for protected European Plants

Živa Fišer (VNS): VNS Grant report for ConservePlants

Christine Forgiarini: The evolutionary rescue of Minuartia smejkalii using private gardens in the Czech Republic

Peter Glasnović (VM): Merging Europe's Red Lists: data collection, analysis and assessment of the status of Europe's native flora

Kaspars Goba: Traditional farming and the link with endangered plant conservation

Ali Murat Gulsoy: Population genetic tools for studying of rare species

Stef Haesen: Quantifying the effect of climate change on threatened forest plant species by incorporating microclimatic data into species distribution models.

Maja Lazarević (VM): Data collecting for the Establishment of the Database on the Conservation actions on threatened plant species, and institutions dealing with plant conservation in Europe

Nina Lončarević: Overview and analysis of existing conservation policy documents

Sissi Lozada Gobilard: Children´s book as a strategy for plant conservation. VIDEO

Baiba Pruse: Local ecological knowledge on wild plant applications across the local communities in Iceland

Alrun Siebenkas: Influence of habitat and climatic conditions on population dynamics of endangered species​​​​​​​

Anastasia Stefanaki (VM): Data processing Floral complexity Project - Assessing floral complexity as plant vulnerability indicator of the European flora


3rd Grant Period