Peer-to-peer learning: citizen science and community engagement at botanical gardens



The workshop was organised by ConservePlants Working group on human dimensions ( in cooperation with DiGe project team

Peer-to-peer learning: citizen science and community engagement at botanical gardens (16 - 20 May 2022, Budapest, Hungary)

The team foresee the European Botanic Garden Congress as the perfect platform to discuss and share best practices of the following themes: 

- where/how citizen science has been integrated across botanical gardens? 

- where/how local community knowledge has been involved in the development of botanical gardens e.g. first initiators of the botanical gardens, the uses of plants. 

The workshop aimed to provide the ground for peer-to-peer learning where the examples are brought by the workshop participants. The success of the workshop was be based on the diversity of examples shared by the participants. Based on the questions of interest initial case studies were presented by the organising team before opening the floor to open discussion i.e., example of Looking for Cowslips, histories of local women group initiating botanical gardens e.g. Iceland. 

Programme book


Emerging from the workshop organised by the team of ConservePlants WG4 (Baiba Pruse and Justyna Wiland-Szymanska) at the 9th European Botanic Gardens Congress - EuroGard IX, a series of talks were organised in which employees from Botanical gardens shared their experiences in respect to citizen science and local ecological knowledge.

Hortus botanicus Leiden (The Netherlands) with Nienke Beets:

"Dimitrie Brandza" Botanical Garden in Romania with Paulina Anastasiu: