Action Chair: Dr Živa FIŠER

Action Vice Chair: Prof Giovanna ARONNE


WG 1 - Improving knowledge in plant biology for appropriate in situ conservation.

Leader: Dr Sílvia CASTRO 

WG 2 - Sharing experience in plant ex situ conservation.

Leader: Dr Sandrine GODEFROID 

WG 3 - Filling the gaps in plant conservation. 

Leader: Dr Peter GLASNOVIĆ 

WG 4 - Human dimension in plant conservation.                                                       

Leader: Dr Justyna WILAND-SZYMANSKA 

WG 5 - Genomic approaches in plant conservation.                                              

Leader: Prof Filippos ARAVANOPOULOS 


Science Communications Manager: Prof Marta GALLONI

STSM Coordinator: Ms Loukia VASSILIOU

ITC Conference Manager: Dr Aida DERVISHI


Science officer: Dr Karina MARCUS

Administrative officer: Ms Olga GORCZYCA