About guidelines for species conservation



The main aim of these guidelines is to review the scientific knowledge about the species and identify the gaps, and to summarize results from implemented management actions across the whole Europe. Based on these data, the best practices for the care about the species as well as their habitat are suggested. The guidelines thus describe activities focusing on habitat restoration as well as species-targeted activities such as ex-situ conservation or plant transplantation.

At the end of each book the simple Decision tree for practitioners is available. This decision tree describes very simply the most important species threats and suggests how to suppress them. It is, however, not a completely exhaustive description. Nevertheless, it serves as a useful tool for a quick evaluation of site or species population in the field.

The book contains the guidelines for following species:

  • Angelica palustris
  • Arnica montana
  • Dianthus gratianopolitatus,
  • Dracocephalum austriacum
  • Gentiana lutea
  • Gentianella bohemica     

Download the book here: Guidelines for species conservation

Hana Pánková, editor
Institute of Botany, Czech Academy of Sciences, Průhonice