The core of the LOGO is a pretty fragile plant that is protected by two hands, our hands.

The upper hand is blue to recall the sky and the lower hand is green to recall the ground. The two hands together resemble the environment whose future is molded by the human hands. 

The round shape of the logo recalls the terrestrial globe to underline that the conservation of the species is an issue worldwide spread.

The name of the COST Actions was inserted in the graphic of the LOGO and became part of it. The word CONSERVE is intended as an appeal coming from the plant saying: “Please conserve the species”. The word PLANTS is part of the plant (leaf and stem) and is meant as the plant signature of the petition.

Finally, the silhouette of the flower recall that of Primula palinuri, an endangered species endemic of a narrow coastal area of Southern Italy. The choose of this species has an anecdotic origin.

It reminds when our Action Chair, Živa Fišer came to Naples to visit our Vice Chair, Giovanna Aronne. Giovanna shared her experience on Primula palinuri, while Živa shared her knowledge on Primula carniolica. At that time they discussed for the first time the idea of this COST Action, and indicated and emphasised the importance that such a network of scientists and stakeholders was needed.


Primula palinuri

Primula carniolica