Open Calls



Fifth Call for Short Term Scientific Missions and Second Call for Virtual Mobility Grants

Grant Period: 1 November 2021 – 31 October 2022

The main aim of STSMs is to support collaboration between researchers and exchange visits between institutions from different countries that has joined this COST action. STSMs allow scientist to learn new techniques and gain access to specific equipment and methods not available in their home institution.

Each STSM has a minimum duration of one week (5 working days), the maximum duration is not limited.


Important days:

Open call: 01/04/2022

Deadline for application: 01/09/2022 (for STSMs) or until funds are available; for VM grants the call is open until funds are available.

Evaluations: first evaluation will be done 10 days after application submission, final decision: one week after evaluation.

First possible starting date of the STSM: 01/05/2022 and no later than 15/10/2022


How to apply:

The application must be done through the online application form

The budget available within this call is 15,000 for STSMs and 7,500 for VM grants. The amount asked by the applicant can be reduced by the committee based on the activities included in the grant application or in case of many applications.


2) VM Grants


The call is open until funds are available.

The activity must be finished by 15 September 2022 the latest. The activity must be finished by 31 October 2022 the latest. 


Procedure to Apply

To apply, in e-COST complete an application by clicking on the VNT Application tab.

For additional information please refer to the VNT User Manual.