Stories About Endangered Plants



Within this collection, we proudly showcase the captivating tales of endangered plants, lovingly penned by our passionate researchers. These stories offer a unique window into the lives of these remarkable plants, providing valuable insights into their importance and the challenges they face. Each narrative is crafted to both entertain and educate, fostering a love for nature and promoting conservation. Join us on an exciting journey of discovery as we explore the wonders of the natural world through these stories. Immerse yourself in the captivating narratives and vivid illustrations that bring these endangered plants to life and embark on a quest to protect and preserve the remarkable biodiversity of our planet.   



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Sissi Lozada Gobilard: Antenita and the Black Iris (English, Spanish, Polish

Marta Barberis: Theft on the Apennines (English, Italian

Katarina Šoln: Tine and the Wolf Plant (English, Slovenian

Karolína Hrušková: Minerva that Overcame Ice, Snake Stone and Human Destruction (English, Czech

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