ConservePlants Training Schools


Current and/or Upcoming

ConservePlants will organise a number of specialised Training schools primarily aimed at PhD students and Early Career Investigators.


In 2023, we plan to organise the following training schools and workshops: 

  • Practical training school on cryopreservation (Malaga, Spain) 

  • Introductory training school on bee identification (Izola, Slovenia)

  • Flower Biology and Pollination Ecology (MODULE II) (Coimbra, Portugal)


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Past Training Schools

  1. Plant Translocation – Theory and Techniques (24-27 March 2021)
    1. Course programme
    2. Study material: Translocation plan, and Translocation plans for: Potamogeton coloratusEuphorbia palustrisCampanula thyrsoidesAster amellus
    3. other material


  1. Flower Biology and Pollination Ecology: Module 1 - Concepts and practices (1-4 March 2021). Study material:

3. Introduction to Species Distribution Modelling: Module 1 - Theory and concept (8-10 September 2021)


4. IUCN Red list assessment training (29 March 2022 - 1 April 2022, Montenegro). Study material:


  1. Genetic Monitoring Training School (5 - 8 July 2022, Lithuania)