Within the framework of ConservePlants COST Action CA18201, the working group 1 compiled a list of pollinators of European endangered plants to improve the knowledge on pollinator communities important for the successful reproduction of these plants. To achieve this goal, WG1 developed 1) a bibliographic search to compile pollinators of threatened plants focused on the European Red List (developed within the scope of the PhD thesis of Sara Lopes, ECI); and 2) opened the call for participation on the “Fatal attraction” activity where researchers and stakeholders could contribute with pollinator’s data on threatened plant species (namely, CR, EN and VU) at European or at national level. Data was delivered by filling out an Excel table (Appendix 1) broadly disseminated through ConservePlants consortium and social media. The results reported here refer to point 2, i.e., data collated in the “Fatal attraction” activity. 

Download the List of pollinators of European endangered plants.