Training School Plant Translocation – Theory and Techniques



Date: 24-27 March 2021 

Place: Rome Botanic Garden, Rome (Italy) 

Training School leaders: Prof. Thomas Abeli, Dr. Sandrine Godefroid, Dr. Andreas Ensslin, Dr. Guy Colling 


Translocation is an important measure for reducing the loss of biodiversity. Successful translocations can be achieved if they utilise underpinning science and if experience is shared across the scientific community. Training of conservation scientists is a key aspect for these conservation actions. 

The course “Plant Translocation – Theory and Techniques” is dedicated to PhD students and postdoctoral fellows engaged in scientific research programmes and aims to share and disseminate the latest knowledge in the field of ecological restoration. The course aims to train new scientists in the field of threatened species restoration and establish a dialogue between experienced conservation scientists and the next generation of practitioners. 


Info: The training school is supported by the European Union through the COST Action 18201 ConservePlants, so selected trainees may have travel and accommodation fully covered. 

Trainees must be engaged in an official research programme as a PhD Student or postdoctoral fellow or can be employed by, or affiliated to, an institution, organisation or legal entity which has within its remit a clear association with performing research. 

The training is organized in 8 lectures for a total of 24 hours and includes practical activities and a visit to the Botanic Garden and Seed Bank of Rome. 

The training school will have a hybrid layout with about 30 attendees allowed in Rome and 30 attendees connected remotely. Should the COVID pandemic make impossible a face-to-face attendance the whole course will be given online. 


To register follow the instruction accompanying this announcement and fill in the registration form.

Deadline: 31st of December 2020.  Deadline is extended to 15th of January 2021!



Prof. Thomas Abeli (University of Roma Tre) - course leader: 

Dr. Sandrine Godefroid (Meise Botanic Garden): 

Dr. Andreas Ensslin (Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de la Ville de Genève):