Working Group 2: Sharing experience in plant ex situ conservation


For many plant species, ex situ conservation is at some point indispensable for preventing extinction. However, the potential of ex situ activities are underestimated and not well communicated amongst researchers, conservation practitioners, stakeholders and the public. The rationalization of financial resources has also become a crucial problem. In this unfavourable context, local authorities are frequently reluctant to release funds for the development of ex situ programs, in particular because many of them are not convinced of the value of ex situ conservation. The main aim of this WG is to provide concrete evidence of the importance of an integrated (in situ and ex situ) approach to species conservation. The main achievements will include: (1) providing guidance on good practices for optimizing ex situ conservation management; (2) sharing current protocols that aim to maximise the preservation of genetic diversity during seed sampling in the wild, as well as keeping this diversity during in ex situ storage, propagation and cultivation, and (3) drafting of a synthetic document in several European languages intended to land management authorities, government agencies and local stakeholders, gathering formal evidence about the effectiveness of and necessity to develop ex situ conservation programs.

Working Group Leaders:

Sandrine Godefroid (
Andreas Ensslin (

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