Working Group 1: Improving knowledge in plant biology for appropriate in situ conservation


Conservation actions often lack in-depth knowledge of various aspects of plant biology, ecology and population dynamics. These aspects are crucial when designing appropriated conservation actions and if not carefully considered, conservation actions may not attend their objectives. Additionally, even though information about specific aspects of threatened plants and the threats they face are partly available within the scientific community, the transfer of knowledge to practitioners is frequently poor. The main aims of this WG are to promote knowledge transfer by gathering relevant information on European threatened plants and make this information publicly available, as well as to find more effective channels to communicate this information to conservation practitioners. The main achievements will include the establishment of the state of the art on existing conservation actions implemented on European threatened plants, including information on distribution, abundance and niche suitability, biology, threats, past and current land-uses and existing management and conservation plans, linked to scientific papers and grey literature, and information about institutions dealing with different threatened species in European countries. This will be possible promoting a collaborative framework that currently gathers 32 countries supporting this COST Action, with more being expected to join in the following years.

Working Group Leaders: 

Sílvia Castro (
Boštjan Surina (

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